Utopia Found: Symbiosis Gathering

Have you ever daydreamed about your very own Utopia? If I let my imagination run wild, it would be a space that incorporates elements of earth, water, and vast skies. A human experience with open minded souls, nutritious food, and conversations that expand our ways of thinking, feeling, and living.

We found this utopia at Symbiosis Gathering. Memories that make you laugh out loud and glow with bliss long after you have left. A place away from the default world, a liberating space of creativity, expression, and love.

Here are small snippets of me, my friends, and perfect beautiful strangers.













New Crop Style Muse: Cher

When it comes to a style muse, Cher is firs to come to mind with her nostalgic 70s style and a constant evolution and expression of music and style through the eras. Fearless and fierce- and not afraid to make you do a double take, truly timeless expanding past a particular time and space. Cher herself is her own era, her own movement, and effortlessly stunning.

cher-11 cher-10 cher-9 cher-8 cher-7 cher-6 cher-5 cher-4 cher-3 cher-2 cher

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The Butterfly Bride

Mexican embroidered dress Mexican embroidered dress Mexican embroidered dress Mexican embroidered dress

We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with Wild and Free Jewelry on this Bohemian Butterfly shoot. Fields of wild flowers and monarchs fluttering in her hair – such a surreal dreamscape!

This butterfly winged dress is twist on the traditional Mexican embroidered dress inspired by the Summer of Love era. Check out all of our bohemian embroidered dresses!

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Introducing Woodstock Caftan in Yellow!

We’re excited to introduce our Woodstock Caftans in Yellow for our mellow mavens and sunny sirens! This pop of brightness is perfect for summer festivals, exotic vacations ,field frolics and of course, bohemian weddings.

This shoot was shot by  Melody Jasmine on Muse Azure Ryder
F1050011 F1050014   F1050020 F1050019 F1050015 F1050022

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Design Your Own Woodstock Caftan!

design-your-own-2 woodstock-blue-3 woodstock-pink-2

Calling all creatives, artists, and color enthusiasts! New Crop Shop has teamed up with Tierra Alma for a it’s first ever DESIGN YOUR OWN Caftan giveaway!

Winner Receives:

Their very own Woodstock Caftan handmade and embroidered by New Crop Shop, and will be an exclusive line carried by Tierra Alma

How to win:

• Download the blank caftan template here: Blank Caftan Template

• Paint, color, or digitally sketch your design. – All mediums are welcome!

• Follow @NewcropMuse and @tierra_alma on instagram.

• Upload your design on instagram, tag @NewcropMuse and @tierra_alma and use the hashtag #WoodstockCaftan

• Cutoff Date is April 15, 2016


Artist Spotlight: Johnathan Litchtfeld

 jonathan lichtfeld

 jonathan lichtfeld

 jonathan lichtfeld

 jonathan lichtfeld

Johnathan Litchtfeld is an artist from Belgium. When I first came across his work, I was immediately drawn to the juxtaposition of his collages.

It reminds me of how dreams work. When you play stories and images in your head and somehow they all all mesh together, it all make sense, until you wake up.

But stepping into that reality opens up another dimension of thought. Sometimes you wake up and ask yourself, what did all of that mean? And sometimes you wake up and almost immediately forgot what you dreamed about.

His collages remind me of the dreams that have you waking up and pondering the images and stories you just existed within. Just like our dreams, and even our waking thoughts, the layers in his images can be loud or subtle, depending on how you look at them.

Congratulations Cristina and Nauman!

12514013_10156456169810103_1231492685750122507_o 12646654_10156456172810103_1292524264649837147_o 12628582_10156456160155103_4581829943184366181_o 12615768_10156456160140103_4977109329053495111_o

Big congratulations to Cristina and Nauman! What a radiant bride, bringing so much color and vibrancy into her civil ceremony, rocking her custom Woodstock Caftan! Wishing you both so much peace, love, and abundance in your journey!


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Sacred Art of the Huichol Tribe: Yarn Paintings

The Huichol people are Native Mexicans living in self-imposed isolation in the deep mountain range of central Mexico, also known as the Sierra Madre Occidental range. The Huichol represent one of the few remaining indigenous cultures left in Mexico.

When I came across their sacred yarn paintings it shook me to my core. So much about their culture is mirrored into these embroidered works of art. These yarn paintings are tangible storytellers of a spiritual journey, visual prayers, recordings of a shaman’s vision and dreams. Much of these visionary experiences are influenced by the hallucinogenic cactus, peyote.

“The Huichol tribe uses many symbols as representations of their deities and other things they deem sacred in their culture. Most common ones are the peyote, the deer and the snake.” – Elias Lopez of Aramara

huichol art

huichol art   il_570xN.889879651_12zr huichol art huichol art huichol art Sac

The Vibrancy of Marrakesh Baskets

Morocco is a country with rich cultural heritage and artisan traditions that has been rooted for centuries. Today, their style of architecture, textiles, leather and weaving still has us going ga-ga!. These Marrakesh baskets are beautifully vibrant, eclectic, and happen to make clutter look good! Can I please take them all home?





image 1/ image 2/ image 3/ image 4

We Got Hitched!











This past year, we put our traveling shoes aside and stated planning for a wedding.  We got married on the the weekend that also happened to be our 10 year anniversary- so it was quite serendipitous that we were able to plan our wedding date on the very same day we decided to call it “official” when we were just kids with puppy!

During our roadtrip through the U.S. our pit stops in Santa Fe, NM always stood out to us. Known as the Land of Enchantment…the land had such sacred energy and you can feel it as soon as you step foot on on NM. The creativity and culture of the locals are inspiring and contagious! We knew this was going to be the dot on the map where we wanted to hold our sacred vows.

We had no friends or family in Santa Fe. In fact, almost everyone had to take a week off to get there. We later found out flights into Santa Fe was very limited, and the best way to get there was to drive- and for our guests that meant across the country. This came with lots of stories and adventures before and after the wedding. Gotta love the inevitable adventure that comes with road trips!

Still in awe and filled with so much gratitude at the experience of having friends and family from everywhere come and be part of our special day. This was a very DIY wedding with everyone’s creativity at play.

Wedding planning, event design, photography, DJ-ing and even down to building the alter and dream catcher backdrop- was all done by friends. Everyone contributed to the beauty and uniqueness of our wedding day. Thank you thank you thank you! <3