Design Your Own Woodstock Caftan!

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Calling all creatives, artists, and color enthusiasts! New Crop Shop has teamed up with Tierra Alma for a it’s first ever DESIGN YOUR OWN Caftan giveaway!

Winner Receives:

Their very own Woodstock Caftan handmade and embroidered by New Crop Shop, and will be an exclusive line carried by Tierra Alma

How to win:

• Download the blank caftan template here: Blank Caftan Template

• Paint, color, or digitally sketch your design. – All mediums are welcome!

• Follow @NewcropMuse and @tierra_alma on instagram.

• Upload your design on instagram, tag @NewcropMuse and @tierra_alma and use the hashtag #WoodstockCaftan

• Cutoff Date is April 15, 2016


Musical Muse: Iluka

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Joshua Tree 2

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Joshua Tree 4

I was once told to “keep doing what you love and the right people will walk into your life” The more I listened, the more this advice has held true. We’re excited to introduce you to Iluka. A free spirited, and super talented singer and songwriter hailing from Australia. Her vibes will in person- and through music just makes you want to let it all go- and dance.

I had to opportunity to catch up with her during her tour in America. We met up in San Francisco right before she took off for Burning Man. In the middle of our downtown streets where all you see is a sea of people wearing winter boots and shades of black and grey- Iluka graced the urban streets in her bell bottoms and a long flowy duster that swayed in the wind. She was in her element and she radiated so much light and color.

Seeing her dance in the desert in her Woodstock Caftan, I couldn’t think of a more iconic pair! Thank you Iluka for sharing the magic with us.