The Vibrancy of Marrakesh Baskets

Morocco is a country with rich cultural heritage and artisan traditions that has been rooted for centuries. Today, their style of architecture, textiles, leather and weaving still has us going ga-ga!. These Marrakesh baskets are beautifully vibrant, eclectic, and happen to make clutter look good! Can I please take them all home?





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Textile Wall Hanging Collaboration

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Kelly of Wild Columbine Textile’s works into our shop! She was born into a Lebanese-American family, so the art of tradition, craft, and culture was interwoven throughout her childhood. From big family meals based around traditional foods, to weekly craft nights where the women would gather to converse, create, and share their skills, she was taught to appreciate culture and craftsmanship from a young age.

Today her fibers come together as multiple layers of hues, textures and shapes drawn from her natural surroundings and inspiration from travels. Check out more of her work in our Textile Shop!

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The Road Ahead: New Crop Pop Up Shops!

We’re so excited to be back in the U.S.! We have quite a long road trip ahead of us, but we’ve got the jeep packed to the brim and ready for our first round of New Crop Pop Up Shops. We loved our coast to coast roadtrip last year, that this year we’re doing it again with some art markets and summer festivals sprinkled in between. We hope to share New Crop Shop’s vibrant and diverse energy at each place that is part of our tour, and also those serendipitous places that aren’t. If you’re at any of these stops…come by our booth and say hi!

Get more info about these festivals: Pop Up Sunday // Art Outside Festival // Artists & Fleas

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