Musical Muse: Iluka

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I was once told to “keep doing what you love and the right people will walk into your life” The more I listened, the more this advice has held true. We’re excited to introduce you to Iluka. A free spirited, and super talented singer and songwriter hailing from Australia. Her vibes will in person- and through music just makes you want to let it all go- and dance.

I had to opportunity to catch up with her during her tour in America. We met up in San Francisco right before she took off for Burning Man. In the middle of our downtown streets where all you see is a sea of people wearing winter boots and shades of black and grey- Iluka graced the urban streets in her bell bottoms and a long flowy duster that swayed in the wind. She was in her element and she radiated so much light and color.

Seeing her dance in the desert in her Woodstock Caftan, I couldn’t think of a more iconic pair! Thank you Iluka for sharing the magic with us.



Home Inspiration: Handmade Dome Homes






dome5 dome4



First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes dome home planning! Ever since we moved to the beautiful city of San Francisco – friends and family always ask out of curiosity how much we pay rent for our little studio. When we tell them, we get the usual gasp, and the “do you know what kind of house you can have for that kind of rent?” question. Which really sparked our curiosity. We started searching for a home that we can be a part of the design and building process.

Dome homes kept popping up for affordability, sustainability, and of course aesthetic! Their sphere-like structures give you the most square footage for the least amount of materials. They are also known for their energy efficiency and earthquake resistant structure. Did you know a 2,000 sq foot dome home starter kit starts at 30k?

We’ve been dreaming out loud about these geodesic spaces. Bright skylights filling the dome, and the triangular nooks and crannies to house our odds and ends. I’ve always believed that there is a symbiotic relationship between people and their surroundings. The energy of the home and the flow of the space can hold inspiration, serenity, and marvel. Since we both work from home, we enjoy getting lost in our personal projects in our personal space and we think we have found our soul home project =)

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Desert Applique





There’s just something about the vastness of the desert that makes it feel so infinite. As if we’ve landed in Mars or back in the time of the dinosaurs. It’s land carries a spirit, and if you sit with it long enough, it will start to share its stories with you until you become part of it.

Inspired by this  Desert Applique exhibition by artist Lea Donnan. Created with salvaged crochet, wood, synthetic rope in Joshua Tree, CA.

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Artist Spotlight: Sara Rahbar

In lieu of 4th of July, we wanted to feature contemporary mixed media artist Sara Rahbar’s flag series. Sara is an Iranian-American artist who lives and works in New York. These beautiful reincarnations of the American flag are beautiful, thought provoking, and to some controversial.

It explores the visual landscape of America’s eclectic mosaic of people, history and culture. How each of us all make our mark on what America is today and continue to cultivate belonging, acceptance, and freedom.

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Summer of Love Lookbook

Butterfly-lifestyle-2 woodstock-butterfly-4










woodstock-pink-4 woodstock-blue

The meaning behind the Summer of Love Lookbook holds such a pivotal place in our journey. It happens to be our summer of love! After 11 years of of togetherness, exploration and growth, we have found ourselves in our dream city of San Francisco. Where we have always told everyone we wanted to live one day– and it manifested just months prior to our wedding date! Its a beautiful whirlwind and we have found ourselves in the midst of it. The city has become the ying to our yang. We have spent several months living in the desert and became used to the vastness and the quiet time for reflection and creation. It was during our time in the high desert where I started to dream up my wedding dress.

A dress that feels like its danced through decades. A decade San Francisco has termed the “Summer of Love”. Designs and patterns that reminisce on an era of evolution, a feeling of peace, a movement in music, and a time of knowing that all you need is love.

I also wanted the dress to resonate with New Crop’s manifesto, of supporting creative independence while preserving culture. And then it came to fruition, all the elements manifested into what we know now as our Woodstock Caftans! It is co-created with a family in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where mastery of embroidery has been long passed down for generations in their area. Through history of their folk art they have always specialized in the symbolism behind florals and birds! When I came to them with this design- and the first dress was made, I knew instantly a new labor of co-creation for New Crop has been born.

These Woodstock Caftans has been adorning bohemian goddesses ever since. From bohemian brides, festival fairies, textile collectors, musicians and artists, this piece continues to co-create and take you to a journey through the Summer of Love.

Photography: Mercedes Esquivel

Model: River Johnson

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Time Travel Through Patterns

Vogue UK 1970
Vogue 1969
Veruschka by Ken Scott, 1965
Harpers Bazaar 1960’s
The best parts about sifting through thrift stores, antique shops and estate sales are discovering remnants of the past that spark imagination, curiosity,and journey through time travel. Coming across these images falls on this same mini victory. Someone’s artwork, relived and revived. The colors had a different glow, the shadows have a different motion, and these patterns– whoa these patterns. I love pieces like these, because deep down I know pieces like these never die, go out of style or un-noticed. And how could they? These pieces are the vibrant rebels of their times.

Mojave Moments

mojave mojave-3 mojave-9 mojave-8 mojave-6 mojave-5 mojave-4 mojave-2

Space around me where my soul can breathe
I’ve got body that my mind can leave
Nothing else matters, I don’t care what I miss
Company’s okay, solitude is bliss – Tame Impala

Tame Impala was the soundtrack to this past weekend. Always has been one of our favorite road trip tracks. As the sun flares cast shadows against the Joshua trees, and the desert pantones spread vastly into the horizon, we couldn’t think of anything better for this moment of solitude and bliss. The Mojave is home of the largest Joshua tree forest and is also known as the field of gems, housing geological magic such as opal, agates and quartz crystals just to name a few. I was enamored by the beautiful stones that lay with every step!

We love the soul of big boulders. We knew we found the perfect camp spot when a large Joshua stood just steps away from this incredible boulder formation. We climbed to the top of the boulder doing out “coyote calls” and laughing at our randomness. The 360 view from the top was a spiritual experience. We felt the pull of the desert and stayed atop these boulders and watched the sun set. It gives me goosebumps just writing about.

Tonight was the full moon-!! It cast an ambient light into the desert so bright that we didnt use our headlamps at all. We made a fire within the boulders. The smooth rocks were shaped like eggs chairs, which felt like it was made just for that. Talks varied from travel and friends to NPR podcasts.

Blessed and blissed- we laid down under the stars that night, cozied under blankets and dozed off to the sound of the wind outside our tent.

Textile Wall Hanging Collaboration

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Kelly of Wild Columbine Textile’s works into our shop! She was born into a Lebanese-American family, so the art of tradition, craft, and culture was interwoven throughout her childhood. From big family meals based around traditional foods, to weekly craft nights where the women would gather to converse, create, and share their skills, she was taught to appreciate culture and craftsmanship from a young age.

Today her fibers come together as multiple layers of hues, textures and shapes drawn from her natural surroundings and inspiration from travels. Check out more of her work in our Textile Shop!

textile artisan







Inspiration: Siberian Shaman Drums







We’re truly inspired by these Siberian Shaman drums. Made out of animal hides with symbolism combining a vision of their shamanic journey with cultural tradition. Shamanism is said to have originated in Siberia and Mongolia and these drums are the center of their sacred rituals. As they empower and awaken their drums, it becomes a powerful tool bridging different spiritual realms.


Image 1/Image 2/Image 4/ Image 5/ Image 6

East Meets West







It’s Monday, its cold, and it’s grey outside. I love how small things from trinkets, to photographs or a familiar song can take you to far away places. These images feel like an exotic escape. Today’s inspiration is from Eastern Soul. From the Hmong textiles, to the turbans, this eclectic mix of art and culture turns Monday blues, into Monday blues, pinks, greens and yellows!