New Crop Style Muse: Cher

When it comes to a style muse, Cher is firs to come to mind with her nostalgic 70s style and a constant evolution and expression of music and style through the eras. Fearless and fierce- and not afraid to make you do a double take, truly timeless expanding past a particular time and space. Cher herself is her own era, her own movement, and effortlessly stunning.

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Musical Muse: Iluka

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Joshua Tree 4

I was once told to “keep doing what you love and the right people will walk into your life” The more I listened, the more this advice has held true. We’re excited to introduce you to Iluka. A free spirited, and super talented singer and songwriter hailing from Australia. Her vibes will in person- and through music just makes you want to let it all go- and dance.

I had to opportunity to catch up with her during her tour in America. We met up in San Francisco right before she took off for Burning Man. In the middle of our downtown streets where all you see is a sea of people wearing winter boots and shades of black and grey- Iluka graced the urban streets in her bell bottoms and a long flowy duster that swayed in the wind. She was in her element and she radiated so much light and color.

Seeing her dance in the desert in her Woodstock Caftan, I couldn’t think of a more iconic pair! Thank you Iluka for sharing the magic with us.



Style Muse: The Bazaar Bohemian

This vibrant, brightly patterned goddess is Vanessa of Bohemian Bazaar. I was first magnetized by our same love for wandering threads, kaftans, huipils, and headwraps and was even more pulled in with her contagious uplifting vibe to connect with your true self. Project Tribe is her and her friend Luna’s manifestation of a community of women connecting to empower and inspire one another. It was born off a mission to provide a vehicle for women around the world to spread their inspiring stories and cultivate their uniqueness. If you haven’t met this whole earth goddess with her “gonna change the world” vibe.. then you should!

Bohemian style

Bohemian style

Bohemian style

Bohemian style

Bohemian style

Bohemian style