Introducing Woodstock Caftan in Yellow!

We’re excited to introduce our Woodstock Caftans in Yellow for our mellow mavens and sunny sirens! This pop of brightness is perfect for summer festivals, exotic vacations ,field frolics and of course, bohemian weddings.

This shoot was shot by  Melody Jasmine on Muse Azure Ryder
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Desert Applique





There’s just something about the vastness of the desert that makes it feel so infinite. As if we’ve landed in Mars or back in the time of the dinosaurs. It’s land carries a spirit, and if you sit with it long enough, it will start to share its stories with you until you become part of it.

Inspired by this  Desert Applique exhibition by artist Lea Donnan. Created with salvaged crochet, wood, synthetic rope in Joshua Tree, CA.

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A Handmade Home






An inspiring story of a pair of young artists who was inspired by a vision of creating a space that honored the beauty of nature and captured the light’s essence. Nick is photographer and Lilah a clothing designer; who quit their jobs to build a space of inspiration. Both having an artist’s resourcefulness, they built their cabin for $500, using their own two hands and a u-haul filled with salvaged wood and windows.

“Light is so different in the morning, at noon and at dusk. We wanted to somehow build a house so that change happened in our living space,” Olson said. “It’s about being closer to living with the elements.”


Snippets from Utah









As we drive through Utah’s vast, infinite sky, layers of canyonlands sprawl out as far as the eye can see. I was spellbound by the colors that waved through the clouds and the deep red formations made me feel as if I was on Mars. We wanted to pull the car over every five minute to try and capture it, as if it was our way of preserving the beauty we were seeing. I remember wishing the drive through Utah would last until we got to our destination. It truly is a special place of high vibrations. It tugs at each person differently, making each person connect with a unique energy all their own. Some moments are meant to be kept, but I feel like our moments through Utah are meant to be shared. Happy Sunday <3

The Road Ahead: New Crop Pop Up Shops!

We’re so excited to be back in the U.S.! We have quite a long road trip ahead of us, but we’ve got the jeep packed to the brim and ready for our first round of New Crop Pop Up Shops. We loved our coast to coast roadtrip last year, that this year we’re doing it again with some art markets and summer festivals sprinkled in between. We hope to share New Crop Shop’s vibrant and diverse energy at each place that is part of our tour, and also those serendipitous places that aren’t. If you’re at any of these stops…come by our booth and say hi!

Get more info about these festivals: Pop Up Sunday // Art Outside Festival // Artists & Fleas

pop up market

Riding Out The Neon Signs of Route 66





It’s been almost a year since I have driven a car. I haven’t even thought about it, or missed it. That is until I started listening to our road trip playlist and dejavus started flooding my memory. Isn’t it funny how music can pull you into its time machine and land you in a familiar moment?

Last summer we rode Route 66 all the way to California, as long and slowly as possible. The journey on this vast open road, reciprocated what was happening inside. All of a sudden we were facing the exact opposite of everything we were accustomed to. We rode until it was dark with no perception of time except for “light or dark”, veered off tracks to feed our curiosity and the only deadline we had to meet was our one way flight out of the country a month away. Gonzo stayed on my lap as the open air became his lullaby.

Once we hit the west, we realized we not have only traveled in miles but also back in time. Deserted old motels, faded neon signs and abandoned diners still stands like a ghost town out of a movie. We were in awe of the time warp that we found ourselves in. What we were most impressed with was the design aesthetic of the vintage neon signs. The colors, and the retro typefaces had us stopping every half a mile. From a designers perspective, there was a lot of inspiration to be found here. From a travelers perspective, this was my first encounter of the beauty in traveling slow and smelling the roses (or adoring the neon signs).

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Rainbow Tribe






The vibrant colors only illuminate the Indigenous beauty in these images by the talented Karolina Daria. Seeing these beautifully patterned sarongs, hand crafted headpieces, playful art with plants, feathers and wood brings out the islander in all of us!

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Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market, Santa Fe

Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market, Santa Fe

Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market, Santa Fe

Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market, Santa Fe

Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market, Santa Fe

Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market, Santa Fe

Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market, Santa Fe

Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market, Santa Fe

Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market, Santa Fe

We’re a month into our US road trip and each day keeps getting better than the next. To be able to drive through various landscapes, camp, hike, photograph and eat our way all the way out west has been the most incredible experience! Little by little we’ll stop into local coffee shops for wi-fi to answer emails, but most of our trip has been spent unplugged and off the grid. One thing I’ve enjoyed the most about this trip is the fact that we’ve had a very flexible itinerary. We slept in, mostly rode on highways, took exits to purposely get off track and discover ghost towns, 4-wheel trails, and local flea markets! One in particular is the Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market in Santa Fe. It was on Indian land and cameras were not allowed, but I happened to take a few snapshots through my iphone. (sorry I couldn’t help it!) Needless to say, my mind was blown. What an amazing encounter! Each booth was filled with artisan pieces such as; textiles, woven baskets, ethnic beads, intricate carvings, brightly patterned bags along with rocks and minerals of all sorts. Speaking with the vendors, they all had an interesting story about how they curated all the pieces for their booth. Many of them live overseas part time, and travel to acquire their collection. Not to shabby right? I told Aaron that’s what I want to be when I grow up! 😉 In a few days, we’re off to the Philippines. Bittersweet to leave, but we’re terribly excited.