Summer of Love Lookbook

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The meaning behind the Summer of Love Lookbook holds such a pivotal place in our journey. It happens to be our summer of love! After 11 years of of togetherness, exploration and growth, we have found ourselves in our dream city of San Francisco. Where we have always told everyone we wanted to live one day– and it manifested just months prior to our wedding date! Its a beautiful whirlwind and we have found ourselves in the midst of it. The city has become the ying to our yang. We have spent several months living in the desert and became used to the vastness and the quiet time for reflection and creation. It was during our time in the high desert where I started to dream up my wedding dress.

A dress that feels like its danced through decades. A decade San Francisco has termed the “Summer of Love”. Designs and patterns that reminisce on an era of evolution, a feeling of peace, a movement in music, and a time of knowing that all you need is love.

I also wanted the dress to resonate with New Crop’s manifesto, of supporting creative independence while preserving culture. And then it came to fruition, all the elements manifested into what we know now as our Woodstock Caftans! It is co-created with a family in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where mastery of embroidery has been long passed down for generations in their area. Through history of their folk art they have always specialized in the symbolism behind florals and birds! When I came to them with this design- and the first dress was made, I knew instantly a new labor of co-creation for New Crop has been born.

These Woodstock Caftans has been adorning bohemian goddesses ever since. From bohemian brides, festival fairies, textile collectors, musicians and artists, this piece continues to co-create and take you to a journey through the Summer of Love.

Photography: Mercedes Esquivel

Model: River Johnson

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Textile Wall Hanging Collaboration

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Kelly of Wild Columbine Textile’s works into our shop! She was born into a Lebanese-American family, so the art of tradition, craft, and culture was interwoven throughout her childhood. From big family meals based around traditional foods, to weekly craft nights where the women would gather to converse, create, and share their skills, she was taught to appreciate culture and craftsmanship from a young age.

Today her fibers come together as multiple layers of hues, textures and shapes drawn from her natural surroundings and inspiration from travels. Check out more of her work in our Textile Shop!

textile artisan







The Electricity of New York










Its our first night and I can’t help but people watch— I’m so fascinated by the contagious energy, the people, the lights and all its aliveness. Despite the cold, we took beers to our our balcony, walked out to the edge of our fire scape and stared out into the twinkling lights of the streets and its historic alleyways. Curiously peeking into windows, as if to get a glimpse of the people’s lives around us. One of my favorite things about our travels is the glimpse of the different lifestyles and the exciting paths that people have chosen to take. I love seeing locals in their element. Where they grab their morning coffee, their favorite bookstore, and the friends they’ve made at their frequent sandwich shops.  I think many of us can agree that it takes a certain level of grit and passion to make it out in New York. You constantly hear people tell you “ you don’t want to move out there it’s too expensive”, “its too crowded” “nothing is easy there” — yet so many still make the move there, and it inspires me just at the thought of bumping shoulders with the people who push past what’s defined as easy, or practical.  I love, love, love places like these, places that remind you how small you are and how infinitely large the world is around you. A place that makes you want to write in your journal, exposes you to the inspiring, the unsafe, the cold and the romance of discovering all its corners.  We wandered over to Brooklyn in hopes we would fall in love with its personality.. but only on our way out did I feel as if I have gotten a glimpse of its charm. But isn’t that the charm of places like these? The same charm that us junk and thrift store hunters seek? The thrill of the hunt is as gratifying as discovering its gems? Those willing to keep their eyes wide open and their heart seeking will indeed find it as a gem.

Summer Solstice Lookbook

>> Mandala: Geometric figure representing the universe, an aid in meditation, a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity.<< image(2)


mandal kaftan


Needless to say, India and Nepal has truly left its mark on us. We found inspiration everywhere! It has brought the most vibrant colors to our palette, it’s Goddess-like beauty in our visions, and the portals of symbols found in scripts and mandalas whirling in our designs.We wanted to create some visuals to translate the type of trip our inspirations has brought us on, and also to announce that our one of a kind mandala kaftans are now in the shop!!

New Crop Lookbook Part 2

Some more wildness to bring you a dose of tropical from our lookbook Run Deep Run Wild! This day really was a hot sweaty one and especially fun. This location had so many exotic plants, one of them being our favorite; Bird of Paradise or sometimes called the crane flower is indigenous to South Africa. Doesn’t it’s vibrant orange flowers remind you of a tropical bird’s beak?






Photographer: Cynthia Barbachano

Makeup artist: Khao Kwankao

Styling: New Crop

New Crop’s Lookbook

We couldn’t be more excited to work and collaborate with Bangkok’s dream team on our first lookbook! The location was lush and beautiful in contrast of the big bustling city that it was in. The vibrant colors of our clothing line, and indigenous fabrics and patterns just radiated amongst all the greenery.

Find these amazing pieces in the shop!







Photographer: Cynthia Barbachano

Makeup artist: Khao Kwankao

Styling: New Crop