Gypset Style: Les Gazelles Mexican Dress

The beautiful tale of these two sisters will make you daydream about to sailing your life away into the unknown. Truly an inspiration for an alternate lifestyle and following your bliss. The Mignot sisters also known as Les Gazelles were born into a big family consisting of nine brothers and sisters, all born from various parts of the world. Their parents were wanderlusts in its truest essence. Sharing their nomadic lifestyle, they raised their kids while exploring various countries. During a serendipitous stay in St. Barth’s, the family got the idea to buy a seventy-five foot wooden boat, which they painted in the vibrant colors of red, gold and green. Displaying the true Rasta spirit of don’t worry be happy! They sailed around the world for a decade accumulating a circle of friends, lovers, and children along the way. The beautiful gypsy family grew into three boats, seeking the best surf towns and forgotten beaches around the world. It was in Sayulta, a free spirited surf town in Mexico that the sisters decided to settle as the rest of their family sailed on. They lived together in a charming home which also housed their worldly-bohemian boutique Pacha Mama. And how about these amazing embroidered mexican-bohemian dresses?! Find these gypset inspired dresses now in the shop!


mignot sisterss







Photo source 1/ Photo source 2

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Kathmandu Nepal




kathmandu-14 kathmandu-13 kathmandu-11   kathmandu-9








It’s not always easy to write about a place after you have already left. Nepal is the one place with the most stories but holds blank pages in my journal. I felt as if I was in an alternate life during my stay here. We had just left our 2 month stay in India, I had just finished my yoga teaching certification, just turned 27, got engaged, and on our last leg of our one year journey (for now). I couldn’t find a way to unravel my thoughts into words. I couldn’t decipher my love for Kathmandu, our little San Francisco dream incarnated in the East. The streets and the people sang so much color and history. Sacred stupas rose high among blue skies heavily strung with prayer flags. The hustle and bustle (I have now come to miss) just a street away from serene mountain-scapes and solitude. I will admit, a ping of post travel depression hit me just at the thought of leaving this place. It was so far opposite of the pace and lifestyle I knew in Austin, TX but I knew within a matter of weeks I would have to let go of our life as we knew it overseas. I started asking myself if the colors would be this bright once I was back home, or if I could feel THIS much. Now as I slowly sort through our photos I relive it all over again and couldn’t be more excited to share with you a city of beautiful energy, Kathmandu.

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Artist Spotlight: Mara B. Stones

So excited to share the art of desert queen Mara Stones. Immensely inspiring images of her sacred playground, along with words unraveled from bits of her poetry. They always transcend me to an enchanted barren landscape that is abundant with existence and evokes a serene stillness. Find more of her art here.


Low desert spirit

Let me start again.
The dirty stone gets further out of reach,
beyond my conscience.
I´m an incurable wild.
I have burned up all my chances,
and a chance is life.
I´m meeting my destiny
this evening
at the sea shore
and I´m gonna kill it.
So let me start again.

– Mara B. STones



tabernas mod

The skin burst above you.
Your hand more slow
than slowness,
and my speechlessness.
-Spill of secrets-
Scars in our maps
without marked places.
I´m using my gravity
to peer into your essence.
There´s a parched story
and a bitter gasp,
where our days are written,

In the rippling sand.
Traces of our plans,
tethered thoughts
that carry us to
the poverty in the mouth
pronouncing each verb
-as we used to-
Without speaking.

– Mara B. STones

deserters series


You fall in love with the insoluble
Because beauty is not
rather than part of the intangible.
And love actually
is only the beginning of the symptom.
So you fall for the impossible
and then you die a little.

– Mara B. STones







Tropical Inspiration

Packing to re-visit Aaron’s homeland of Palau, an untouched (and many times, unheard of) gem in the pacific. So excited to visit both of our families together to announce our engagement before heading back to the U.S.! Might be out of radar for the next couple weeks..but for now, a little tropical inspiration for you <3





image sources: 1/2/3/4

Artist Commune: Drop City




drop city



In the midst of the counterculture of the 60’s, a group of recently graduated art students found themselves in the middle of nowhere, Colorado. This was the beginning of the first hippie and artist communes that started in Trinidad, Colorado. It was inspired by their impromptu performances called “drop art” which consisted of dropping random objects off of top of buildings to watch reactions of passerby’s. It was after graduation that they decided to create what is now known as Drop City. They had decided to build it themselves using scrap materials which was neglected as waste by society. With very little cost and a lot of ingenuity, the first geodesic dome was built.

It wasn’t long until their innovative geometric structures and solar panels attracted the help of other artists, pioneers, and inventors. This community of droppers not only built homes but were building a social evolution. Their commune was later signed off to a non-profit making the land “free to all people” to inspire people to work together (without bosses) and support experimental artistic expression. By 1977 it’s last inhabitants left the commune, and by the 90’s the last structure had been taken down.

These beautiful photos and inhabitant’s stories are what’s left of drop city’s legacy.

Image source: 1/2/3/4/5/6

Summer Solstice Lookbook

>> Mandala: Geometric figure representing the universe, an aid in meditation, a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity.<< image(2)


mandal kaftan


Needless to say, India and Nepal has truly left its mark on us. We found inspiration everywhere! It has brought the most vibrant colors to our palette, it’s Goddess-like beauty in our visions, and the portals of symbols found in scripts and mandalas whirling in our designs.We wanted to create some visuals to translate the type of trip our inspirations has brought us on, and also to announce that our one of a kind mandala kaftans are now in the shop!!

Shades of Life and Death in Varanasi


















Sometimes it is the least picture perfect moments that end up being the most picturesque. Varanasi is definitely one of those places I can never really begin to unravel. I have pieces of writings in my journal, an attempt to re-write in my iphone notes, a few drafts on the blog, but it’s almost impossible to put into words something that intense and mind-altering. We left the beautiful Tibetan town of Dharamsala filled with artsy cafes, prayer flags, immense mountain beauty and English conversations with backpackers for one of the oldest cities in the world: Varanasi. We found ourselves outside of our comfort zone all over again, and an all too familiar feeling.

Mark Twain once said: “Varanasi” is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together”

The ancient streets were just wide enough for two people to walk by or one cow. We were here during the end of May, and the heat was almost too much to bare. The smell of dung (dog, cow, and people) simmered on concrete as you step over piles of rubble. There is no road signs or road names and I felt as if these alleyways were winding in every direction beneath my feet. You faced all shades of life and death and every facet of holy sadhus. Here you see Hinduism practiced fully all day, it’s a sacred experience and it’s easy to understand how this is the holiest city. As you pass by open windows, many are inside their homes praying to their alters. Crowds push by you as they rush to a ceremony or head to the Ganges. The Ganges display a visual that will have you feeling everything at once. To see people bathing in the same place that ashes of the dead float on is hard to grasp. Varanasi made me realize just how powerful these uncomfortable situations are, and the lessons behind the strangeness of life. It reminded me of how sheltered I am, how little I know, and how there are infinite truths I am still left to question.

Inspired Geometry by Ndebele Tribe

The Ndebele tribe’s ability to transform colors and geometric design borrowed from their ancestors to life is so powerful! Since the 18th century, women of the Ndebele tribe of South Africa has been painting their mud houses with strong visions and whole hearts. These patterns are such beautiful expressions of their individuality. It brings forth excitement and curiosity with each stroke. It inspires inspiration, reminding us that we all carry our own paintbrush, to spread vibrancy and color.

ndebele house



ndebele house



ndebele print

Image source: 1/2/3/4/5/6

The Colorful World of Frida

I think anytime you play with boundaries of what society views as beautiful, test the trends of time, and own your own playfulness in expression, is when you discover your own expression. Frida Kahlo, a famous Mexican artist best known for her self portraits is such an inspiration for cultural and timeless beauty. Her uniqueness resonates in fashion, art and home design to this present day. Just like her paintings, her style was ahead of her time and found more appreciation in the lime light after she had past. Frida’s life was forever changed when she suffered from a bad car accident. This injury caused her to turn into isolation, being limited to her home or being bed ridden. The isolation led her to her love for painting. “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.”

I’ve always loved Frida’s boldness. I love how her iconic unibrow, her full bodied skirts, flower crowns, vibrant colors and corsets have always poked at what society considers beautiful or fashionable. But it her artful expression and her courage that we so mostly admire. I was excited to see Vogue Mexico create an editorial inspired by her individualism and boldness in style.







Photos via Vogue Mexico
Photo: Michael Filonow
Stylist: Lauri Eisenberg
Hair and makeup: Gianluca Mandelli.