Sacred Art of the Huichol Tribe: Yarn Paintings

The Huichol people are Native Mexicans living in self-imposed isolation in the deep mountain range of central Mexico, also known as the Sierra Madre Occidental range. The Huichol represent one of the few remaining indigenous cultures left in Mexico.

When I came across their sacred yarn paintings it shook me to my core. So much about their culture is mirrored into these embroidered works of art. These yarn paintings are tangible storytellers of a spiritual journey, visual prayers, recordings of a shaman’s vision and dreams. Much of these visionary experiences are influenced by the hallucinogenic cactus, peyote.

“The Huichol tribe uses many symbols as representations of their deities and other things they deem sacred in their culture. Most common ones are the peyote, the deer and the snake.” – Elias Lopez of Aramara

huichol art

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The Vibrancy of Marrakesh Baskets

Morocco is a country with rich cultural heritage and artisan traditions that has been rooted for centuries. Today, their style of architecture, textiles, leather and weaving still has us going ga-ga!. These Marrakesh baskets are beautifully vibrant, eclectic, and happen to make clutter look good! Can I please take them all home?





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Summer of Love Lookbook

Butterfly-lifestyle-2 woodstock-butterfly-4










woodstock-pink-4 woodstock-blue

The meaning behind the Summer of Love Lookbook holds such a pivotal place in our journey. It happens to be our summer of love! After 11 years of of togetherness, exploration and growth, we have found ourselves in our dream city of San Francisco. Where we have always told everyone we wanted to live one day– and it manifested just months prior to our wedding date! Its a beautiful whirlwind and we have found ourselves in the midst of it. The city has become the ying to our yang. We have spent several months living in the desert and became used to the vastness and the quiet time for reflection and creation. It was during our time in the high desert where I started to dream up my wedding dress.

A dress that feels like its danced through decades. A decade San Francisco has termed the “Summer of Love”. Designs and patterns that reminisce on an era of evolution, a feeling of peace, a movement in music, and a time of knowing that all you need is love.

I also wanted the dress to resonate with New Crop’s manifesto, of supporting creative independence while preserving culture. And then it came to fruition, all the elements manifested into what we know now as our Woodstock Caftans! It is co-created with a family in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where mastery of embroidery has been long passed down for generations in their area. Through history of their folk art they have always specialized in the symbolism behind florals and birds! When I came to them with this design- and the first dress was made, I knew instantly a new labor of co-creation for New Crop has been born.

These Woodstock Caftans has been adorning bohemian goddesses ever since. From bohemian brides, festival fairies, textile collectors, musicians and artists, this piece continues to co-create and take you to a journey through the Summer of Love.

Photography: Mercedes Esquivel

Model: River Johnson

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Inspiration: Siberian Shaman Drums







We’re truly inspired by these Siberian Shaman drums. Made out of animal hides with symbolism combining a vision of their shamanic journey with cultural tradition. Shamanism is said to have originated in Siberia and Mongolia and these drums are the center of their sacred rituals. As they empower and awaken their drums, it becomes a powerful tool bridging different spiritual realms.


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East Meets West







It’s Monday, its cold, and it’s grey outside. I love how small things from trinkets, to photographs or a familiar song can take you to far away places. These images feel like an exotic escape. Today’s inspiration is from Eastern Soul. From the Hmong textiles, to the turbans, this eclectic mix of art and culture turns Monday blues, into Monday blues, pinks, greens and yellows!

Style Muse: The Bazaar Bohemian

This vibrant, brightly patterned goddess is Vanessa of Bohemian Bazaar. I was first magnetized by our same love for wandering threads, kaftans, huipils, and headwraps and was even more pulled in with her contagious uplifting vibe to connect with your true self. Project Tribe is her and her friend Luna’s manifestation of a community of women connecting to empower and inspire one another. It was born off a mission to provide a vehicle for women around the world to spread their inspiring stories and cultivate their uniqueness. If you haven’t met this whole earth goddess with her “gonna change the world” vibe.. then you should!

Bohemian style

Bohemian style

Bohemian style

Bohemian style

Bohemian style

Bohemian style

Summer Solstice Lookbook

>> Mandala: Geometric figure representing the universe, an aid in meditation, a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity.<< image(2)


mandal kaftan


Needless to say, India and Nepal has truly left its mark on us. We found inspiration everywhere! It has brought the most vibrant colors to our palette, it’s Goddess-like beauty in our visions, and the portals of symbols found in scripts and mandalas whirling in our designs.We wanted to create some visuals to translate the type of trip our inspirations has brought us on, and also to announce that our one of a kind mandala kaftans are now in the shop!!

Gypsy Nomads

The Kochi or Kuchi tribe is easily of my favorite tribes aesthetically. Kochi/Kuchi is a Persian word meaning migration. They are a nomadic tribe of Afghanistan traveling by camel usually grazing sheep or goats. It wasn’t until I started migrating myself that I came across their beautiful handmade jewelry. Draped with intricate bead work, heavy metal cuffs, vintage coins and beautiful embroidery. Their population is quickly diminishing and their way of life is becoming harder due to natural disasters, wars and political unrest between the borders of the middle east. Today their traditional and wearable art still has many stories to tell and many miles left to travel. We’re excited to treasure them in our shop!




kuchi woman1

kuchi nomad tribe

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New Crop’s Lookbook

We couldn’t be more excited to work and collaborate with Bangkok’s dream team on our first lookbook! The location was lush and beautiful in contrast of the big bustling city that it was in. The vibrant colors of our clothing line, and indigenous fabrics and patterns just radiated amongst all the greenery.

Find these amazing pieces in the shop!







Photographer: Cynthia Barbachano

Makeup artist: Khao Kwankao

Styling: New Crop

Spontaneous Mix: Hmong Textiles + Sports

I will admit, I was pretty excited to see this mix of ethnic textile clothing styled with Puma’s new collection “Next Starts Now.” I love mixing a spontaneous touch of culture with an unlikely mix like bright sporty tennis shoes. A few months back, we had the beautiful experience of witnessing the Hmong women create their magic through traditional textile techniques and dying processes. Made me appreciate even more the cultural gem and wearable art that it is. Whether hung in a gallery or rocking out with tennis shoes!





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