Hmong Textile Inspirations

While living in Thailand, we found ourselves constantly in awe of the Hmong tribe’s weaving, stitching and batiking of textiles. After visiting the Hmong village and learning first hand the amount of skill and attention to detail that was passionately put into every thread, my appreciation grew ten-fold. My head starting spinning of ways to celebrate and share their amazing artwork. To turn them into pillow covers, skirts, curtains, … the works. These beautiful pieces are still on the top of our list of our most valued pieces that we carry. Seeing these amazing articles of clothing made from beautiful Hmong textiles has me wanting to get out my scissors and get to it!









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Gypset Style: Les Gazelles Mexican Dress

The beautiful tale of these two sisters will make you daydream about to sailing your life away into the unknown. Truly an inspiration for an alternate lifestyle and following your bliss. The Mignot sisters also known as Les Gazelles were born into a big family consisting of nine brothers and sisters, all born from various parts of the world. Their parents were wanderlusts in its truest essence. Sharing their nomadic lifestyle, they raised their kids while exploring various countries. During a serendipitous stay in St. Barth’s, the family got the idea to buy a seventy-five foot wooden boat, which they painted in the vibrant colors of red, gold and green. Displaying the true Rasta spirit of don’t worry be happy! They sailed around the world for a decade accumulating a circle of friends, lovers, and children along the way. The beautiful gypsy family grew into three boats, seeking the best surf towns and forgotten beaches around the world. It was in Sayulta, a free spirited surf town in Mexico that the sisters decided to settle as the rest of their family sailed on. They lived together in a charming home which also housed their worldly-bohemian boutique Pacha Mama. And how about these amazing embroidered mexican-bohemian dresses?! Find these gypset inspired dresses now in the shop!


mignot sisterss







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