Train is Leaving

This is the longest we’ve sat still in the past year and we’ve gotten to know the four walls of our apartment very well these few months. We love how the sun shines in through all our open windows and the noisy street noises remind us of the chaos that sits right outside of our balcony. We had found our groove, found our work and life routine, and even made some neighborhood friends. And then it hits us. We’re antsy to leave, antsy to pack and ready to hit the road, the sky or the sea. Not that Thailand is any less exciting since we got here, but our cameras has had time to collect some dust, and blank pages of our journals are still left blank awaiting more stories to be told. Wanderlust, you fickle thing. It’s time to go once more, so we booked a train and it’s leaving Tuesday.




3 thoughts on “Train is Leaving

  1. “Wanderlust, you fickle thing.” –ahhh. chills. You two are so, so beautiful. Bless your courage and deep need to travel. You should seriously consider creating a bound memory of these bits when you do settle again – published or not. Your words tied with the images are flawless, and so inspiring. Keep doing what you’re doing. Sending love from ATX.

    • Thank you Katy! So glad they resonated with you…feeling the love all the way from ATX 😉 We’ll be back before you know it and will have to catch up with you and Matt <3

      • yes! yes! please!!!!! we would both love that. i want to sit for hours and just listen to stories about your travels!!! <3 xoxoxo

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