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There’s something so beautifully organic about traditionally handmade threads, where each stitch creates a pattern, and each pattern holds a meaning. If we take a minute to pay attention to their details, we would unearth stories of the culture behind them. The faster this world spins perpetually into a technological age, I find myself aesthetically gravitating to pieces that I feel are quickly disappearing, techniques no longer widely practiced, and things that take translation. Maybe it’s my way of holding on and treasuring what was here and what is now. We’re all changing, the earth, our place in it, our lives, the people in it, and us. Whether we witness it or not, as we evolve we learn, unlearn, and relearn our way. Tonight we spend it here, under this glass dome to star-gaze and slow time down even if just for a night. Happy Friday everyone, hope you have an amazing weekend!

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2 thoughts on “A Well Traveled Bedroom

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, Charmie! This is Karahann Kiser, I met you when you were still at ETSU, remember me? I have enjoyed following your posts on New Crop and yours and Aaron’s travels as well. I hope you guys are doing great!

    • Of course I remember you Karahann!! Spent enough time at the digital media computer lab to be nostalgic about it haha. Thank you so much for you kind words, so glad to stay in touch with you <3
      Sending you some light and love from Thailand =)

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