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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes dome home planning! Ever since we moved to the beautiful city of San Francisco – friends and family always ask out of curiosity how much we pay rent for our little studio. When we tell them, we get the usual gasp, and the “do you know what kind of house you can have for that kind of rent?” question. Which really sparked our curiosity. We started searching for a home that we can be a part of the design and building process.

Dome homes kept popping up for affordability, sustainability, and of course aesthetic! Their sphere-like structures give you the most square footage for the least amount of materials. They are also known for their energy efficiency and earthquake resistant structure. Did you know a 2,000 sq foot dome home starter kit starts at 30k?

We’ve been dreaming out loud about these geodesic spaces. Bright skylights filling the dome, and the triangular nooks and crannies to house our odds and ends. I’ve always believed that there is a symbiotic relationship between people and their surroundings. The energy of the home and the flow of the space can hold inspiration, serenity, and marvel. Since we both work from home, we enjoy getting lost in our personal projects in our personal space and we think we have found our soul home project =)

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Dream Spaces in Far Out Places

During our stay here in Thailand, we’ve experienced some unique and inspiring handmade homes and it has spurred our imagination into thinking about our way of living and how the space you surround yourself can really stimulate and create a beautiful energy that nurtures your soul. From simple huts made out of leaves in the midst of a mountain landscape, to concrete domes with glass ceilings under the most starry sky, to traditional Thai barns converted into artsy homes. All perfectly imperfect  and passionately built, they have created an a new found appreciation in us for building your home beautifully and sustainably. What a dream it would be to have one to keep the road our home, and one in a far away desert somewhere, or tucked in the mountains with air so fresh, just breathing in revives you like morning coffee!




handmade wooden home


Images sources: from Moon to Moon